Having problems with your food processing equipment? Are you ready to make an upgrade? Do you need something engineered and fabricated? You deserve the best quality stainless steel, welding, and design. We'll help alleviate the stress of constant maintenance, repairs, and having a machine down.


Food Processing Equipment

Southern Fabrication Works designs and builds custom food processing equipment for your plant. We are able to manufacture a wide variety of food processing equipment including vegetable processing, potato washing, rock traps, hydrocutting machines, and any other machinery you may need for your processing plant.

Food Processing Systems

If you're looking for a full service plant overhaul, we offer food processing plant remodeling. We fully design and engineer your processing plant's layout and build and install all of the necessary industrial food processing equipment.

Offering quality industrial food processing equipment since 1998

Southern Fabrication Works was established in 1998 and is locally owned and operated. Located in the Snake River Valley, we offer a wide range of services to clients world-wide. We offer the latest in welding technology and are ready and available to assist your company with any equipment fabrication and design needs you may have.


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