Reliable Soil & Solids Removal Systems

Increase your processing line's output, efficiency, and reliability
Soil extraction device used in industrial food production by Southern Fabrication Works

Don’t Let Slow Soil & Solids Extraction Create High Operating Costs

Welcome to Southern Fabrication Works, where efficiency, precision, and innovation come together to provide the best soil and solids removal machinery. Our soil and solid removal machines are not just equipment; they are solutions that understand the challenges of your field. Let's begin our journey into the world of top-tier technology that's redefining the way soil and solids are removed.

Equipment Fabrication Partner since 1998

After working with hundreds of processing businesses, we know how important it is to have a food processing line that is efficient and doesn't have dow time. We promise a solution that will lower your operating costs and reduce your down-time and maintenance costs. 

Quality - It Makes a Difference

  • Industry Leading Equipment

  • In-house Engineering Team

  • Prompt Communication

  • On Schedule Delivery

Southern Fabrication Works designs and builds custom food processing equipment for your plant. We are able to manufacture a wide variety of food processing equipment including vegetable processing, potato washing, rock traps, hydrocutting machines, and any other machinery you may need for your processing plant.

Starting is Easy

  1. Reach out and tell us what you need
  2. Co-design and implement the solution perfect for your processing
  3. Increase your output with efficient and reliable equipment.

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