SFW Food Processing offers a custom hydro-cutting system with a wide range of capabilities. These machines cut more than 40 fruits and vegetables. They will perform all standard cuts with ease, as well as a rapid growing number of exotic specialty cuts. The standard unit comes equipped with a 30 hp electric motor with a variable speed drive. This allows for a full range of cutting speeds from 200 rpm to 1500 rpm. SFW hydro-cutters can be purchased as a skid mounted unit for small space retrofitting operations, or as a modular system designed for construction projects. Information on production capabilities are available upon request. Component systems for permanent installation are available in all sizes and in all configurations.



- Seed-Eliminator: This cone seed eliminator is incorporated into the water return line. It’s purpose is to maintain water quality by removing small pieces of debris and seeds from the stream and diverting the seeds to a separate stream for other uses.
Divided Head: The dividing head diverts different portions of the product being cut into separate streams. For example, the tender edible core can be cut out of a woody broccoli stem for food processing while the woody outside portion is diverted to a separate stream for other uses.
Non-mechanical Centering Device: A wide range of produce diameters can be handled with the non-mechanical aligner. The aligning fingers can be supplied in soft and firm polymer to match the fragility of the product being handled.
Cutlery: A wide range of high quality cutlery is available for all standard types of cutting. Knives for many exotic specialty cuts, including a special carrot stick knife are also available.

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